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In addition to keeping chimneys clean, Swept Away provides expert repair and maintenance services to ensure the structural integrity and safe operation of your chimney system. Even seemingly minor cracks, leaks or deterioration can lead to hazardous issues like carbon monoxide intrusion or house fires if left unchecked.

Our certified technicians use proven inspection methods like video camera scans to fully assess the condition of your chimney’s interior and exterior components. We check for cracked or crumbling bricks, missing mortar, tile liner damage, leaks, structural defects and more. Any issues are documented with comprehensive reports and photo/video evidence.

Once problem areas are identified, our team provides tailored repair and restoration services using code-compliant materials and techniques. Whether it’s tuckpointing and re-mortaring bricks, replacing chase covers or chimney caps, installing stainless steel liners, or completely rebuilding your chimney chase – we have the expertise to get the job done right. With routine maintenance from Swept Away, you can count on a truly safe and long-lasting chimney system.


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