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Fireplace Repair

A cozy and charming addition to any home, fireplaces require regular maintenance to keep functioning safely and efficiently. That’s where the experts at Swept Away Chimney Inc step in. Our fireplace cleaning services ensure your system is free of creosote buildup, animal nests, and other hazardous obstructions that can lead to chimney fires or carbon monoxide exposure.

Our certified technicians use advanced tools like rotating whips, powerful vacuums, and closed-circuit cameras to clean every inch of your fireplace and chimney. We meticulously remove every bit of soot, ash, and debris through proven techniques tailored to your specific fireplace type and venting configuration. This thorough cleaning helps maximize efficiency and draft, reducing heating costs and preventing dangerous gas backflow into your living areas.

Don’t trust this critical safety task to just anyone! Swept Away Chimney brings decades of fireplace and chimney care expertise to every job in the Tampa Bay area. We strictly follow fire safety codes and best practices to deliver a comprehensive fireplace cleaning that keeps you and your family secure all year long. Schedule your annual cleaning today for peace of mind and years of warm, worry-free fires.


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