In recent months, the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) has taken a strong stance against the rising threat of fraudulent chimney companies falsely claiming association with their reputable organization. This concerning trend has prompted the NCSG to issue a warning, emphasizing the need for consumers to be vigilant when seeking chimney services.

The Alarming Trend

The NCSG has observed an alarming increase in unauthorized entities misusing their credentials and logos. These deceptive companies aim to mislead consumers into believing that they are certified members of the NCSG. Such actions not only tarnish the reputation of the industry but also put the safety and satisfaction of customers at risk.

Reports of Deceptive Practices

Reports received by the NCSG indicate instances of substandard work, exorbitant pricing, and unethical business practices from individuals who unwittingly hired these deceptive service providers. As the leading advocate for the chimney and venting industry, the NCSG is committed to protecting consumers from falling victim to these fraudulent companies.

Precautions for Consumers

In response to this growing threat, the NCSG urges consumers to take the following precautions when considering chimney sweep services:

  1. Verify Certification: Before engaging any chimney company, consumers are encouraged to ensure that they are genuinely certified. The NCSG provides a free online directory of certified chimney sweeps, allowing customers to verify the legitimacy of their chosen professional.
  2. Beware of Red Flags: Consumers are advised to exercise caution if a company demands immediate payment, lacks proper identification, or refuses to provide references. Additionally, researching whether the company has a real physical address can be an indicator of a potentially fraudulent operation.
  3. Report Suspected Fraud: If consumers encounter a company falsely claiming NCSG certification or suspect fraudulent activity, the NCSG encourages them to report it immediately. Reports can be submitted to [email protected] or by calling (317) 837-1500. Consumer assistance plays a crucial role in enabling the NCSG to take swift action against these deceptive companies.

The NCSG’s Commitment

As the NCSG remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the chimney service industry, this warning serves as a call to action for consumers to be informed and vigilant. The NCSG seeks to foster a community where consumers can trust the professionalism and credibility of chimney service providers.


In conclusion, the NCSG’s warning against fraudulent chimney companies highlights the importance of consumer awareness and diligence in the face of deceptive practices. By taking the suggested precautions, consumers can contribute to maintaining the integrity of the chimney service industry and ensure their safety and satisfaction when seeking such services.

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